Eric Nicoll

Over the past twenty-five years I have accumulated a wealth of experience in promoting and branding lifestyle companies. As founder of the Azure Pacific Group, I have had the honor and privilege of both creating AND executing multi-million dollar events, meetings and campaigns around the globe that have launched or promoted some of the most recognizable consumer companies in the world. This experience provided a keen sense of intuition as to what an individual and/or audience seeks, values, perceives and absorbs, and it is this finely turned awareness, which led to the conceptualization of Azure Pacific Group’s new life+style consulting brand.

When looking for additional opportunities to broaden APG’s consulting services and to begin the recovery process after the economic tsunami that ravaged our industry, I had the ultimate goal of being 100% debt free by the end of 2012 in the forefront of my mind when making my next move. In finding a company whose mission statement read “Enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals” I realized it was in complete alignment with the commitment I have not only in my own life, but also for the lives of all my clients. I knew I had found the path to reaching my ultimate goals. It was a perfect fit. I have experienced first hand the unique and rare opportunity that we have to offer both our customers as well as those who want to partner with us and build their own businesses in order to achieve their own goals and life objectives.