Heidi Bartolotta

While working my way through the University of Washington pursuing my degree in business administration, I worked for a credit repository in a client relationship and sales capacity, which lead me to a position in pharmaceutical sales with ViroPharma and then Aventis. I managed a 3-state territory, which required that I travel every other week. Though I experienced a high degree of professional success, my quality of life was lacking. I have found a business that gives you an amazing quality of life!

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and continually investigated various businesses that were presented to me over the years, and even tried one. Unfortunately, what I found was that the leadership of that company lacked integrity and vision. Thus, when a trusted friend of mine approached me with this business, I was very skeptical. However, after completing an exhaustive analysis of the business model, products and integrity of the management team, I was convinced that I had found a viable means of creating and growing a business that would result in stable, passive, residual income. I am so glad that my mind was not closed to listening.