Jake Jacoby

Jake is a proven leader with experience as a CEO and founder of six successful companies. He has a proven track record of creating, building and growing technology companies. As a visionary in the technology sector, Jake has developed ebusiness solutions for numerous successful companies such as eBay, Cisco, Monster and Xerox, to name a few. Jake also has vast multimillion dollar transaction experience gained through successful exits of prior companies and as well as acquisitions.

Being a father of 4 boys and a serial entrepreneur hasn’t always been an easy task. I’ve been very successful in my career and have always been able to provide financially for my family, but finding balance in my life has been the tough part. Before this my schedule was very demanding, often requiring a heavy travel schedule as well as long work hours. There was no way for me to spend quality time with my family.

I now have the flexibility to create a work schedule that “works” for me and my family. I’m able to coach soccer for my boys, attend all of their cross country and track events, be home for dinner, and most importantly spend quality time with my family. I now have balance in my life. I’m able to spend my time where it really matters and at the same time create a six figure income.

Life is Good!