Jennifer Becker

Out of necessity, I have been a “worker” my whole life. Strongly desiring to attend college but lacking the finances to do so, I got a job fresh out of high school in the field of supply chain management, starting (of course) at the bottom. I pushed myself hard in both school and my job and by age 25, I was a college graduate with a successful career as a Supply Chain Manager. And before I turned 30, I was the Supply Chain Director for an supply chain organization with an international footprint.

From the outside looking in, my life appeared to be on a great trajectory; professionally, I was receiving regular promotions and learning well over 6 figures a year at a fairly young age. In reality, I had fallen into the same trap as most successful professionals; I had money, but no time to enjoy it. Further, I had no control over my schedule, my company did. On paper, I had been to many amazing travel destinations, but when you’re travels are work-related, I can tell you that the boardrooms, factories and hotel rooms in Ireland are not much more interesting than those here in the States. There simply was no “extra” time to enjoy the many places I went.

By the time I got married and had my children, I just knew there had to be a better way to earn a living and I was determined to find it. So, I did some consulting during the times I was between corporate jobs to see if that was the answer, but my experience of not knowing from where would come my next client caused me always to jump back into the corporate world for the perceived “stability.” The thought of owning my own business wouldn’t leave me though, so my husband and I looked into franchise opportunities. None of them seemed a good fit because with things like employees, payroll, rent, insurance, marketing, etc., neither of us saw the ability to gain any time-freedom.

When I heard about Six Figure Profession but hadn’t yet met the team behind the name, I was skeptical and part of me wanted to run the other direction. But realistically, my options for making a six-figure income with a flexible schedule were limited, so I kept an open mind, listened and then decided to partner with Six Figure Profession. I still work hard, but on my terms while earning a significant, corporate-level income. And the people with whom I work are dynamic and come from a wide range of professional backgrounds. Succinctly, partnering with Six Figure Profession was the best and last career move I will make.