Kellee Wip

Kellee’s goal for her career was always to make definitive progress; continuing to grow in expertise from one role to another, and attain executive-level positions and the pay and recognition that came with them.  In short, Kellee succeeded.  Over the course of her career, Kellee had acquired quite a diverse corporate background, having held management roles in Operations, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Information Technology, Customer Service and Human Resources.  And seeking to develop professionally even more, Kellee attended the University of San Diego to earn an MBA.  But soon after completing her degree, Kellee had her first child.  And a couple of years later, she had another.  With two children and a busy career, her “work/life balance” became non-existent.  Kellee realized that, if she was honest with herself, she wasn’t excelling at any area in her life.

When Kellee first came to, she said:  “I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I could have more control over my schedule. I enjoyed working, but I needed to have more flexibility in my hours.  So, I researched a variety of different business models.  I must have investigated at least a dozen different franchise operations.  I even built out 2-3 different business plans and I also considered just doing consulting work.  Unfortunately, it was clear that none of the models was viable from the standpoint of income potential, and none created the flexibility I wanted, so what would be the point!”

Having spent a career building up her personal brand and reputation, Kellee was simply unwilling to walk away from the professional side of her life.  Finally, after all of her due diligence, Kellee found that the industry, management team and business model of was the right choice.