Randal Nelson

Randal is currently the CEO of Triumph Ventures, a full service marketing firm based in Eagle, ID. He is also an owner of Town Hall Idaho and Meals, Deals & Steals magazine, two other marketing entities. Prior to founding Triumph Ventures in 2007, Randal spent over 20 years in marketing and sales at global, multi-billion dollar corporations such as AT&T, NCR, Syngenta, and Lexmark. In his role as Marketing Vice-President at Lexmark, he built a world-class marketing organization that received acclaim in publications such as BtoB, the Magazine for Marketing Strategists, and PR Week. His experience encompasses virtually every marketing discipline including strategic planning, sales and marketing management, event management, channel management, market research, product marketing, marketing communications, and campaign development.

Throughout his career, Randal and his teams have been decorated with numerous Galaxy, Mercury, and Inspire awards for their excellence in marketing in national and international competitions, including being selected for developing the top sales incentive program in the world in 2002 by the International Academy of Communications Arts and Sciences. Prior to his leadership roles in sales and marketing, Randal was a technology consultant to numerous companies including GTE, JC Penney, Wal-Mart, EDS, Bank One, and Frito Lay. Randal has an MBA from the University of Dallas Graduate School of Management.