Stacy Fiske

I graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy and began my career as an auditor with KPMG LLP. I spent six years at KPMG, during which time I became a CPA and advanced to a management role serving retail and finance clients. I then spent the next 6 years at HSBC Auto Finance where I continued to climb the corporate ladder in a variety of roles and departments including fraud risk management, project and demand management, and product development. I spent my last two years at HSBC as the VP and Director of Product Development, in which role I was responsible for $6 billion per year in new loan originations. Throughout my 12 years at KPMG and HSBC, I was a top performer and progressed through higher levels of management. However, after 6 years at HSBC, that company suddenly closed down its Auto Finance operations in the United States due to the struggling financial markets and the U.S. economy.

In many ways, I am thankful for the turn of events at HSBC because it gave me the opportunity to re-evaluate the priorities in my life. I decided that the most important aspects of my next career were that 1) it needed to be flexible enough to allow me to spend more time with my daughter and to be present for every important milestone in her life, and 2) it needed to not only replace the substantial six figure income I had been making in the corporate world, but also provide me with the opportunity to earn substantial residual income that would allow me build true wealth for my future. After careful consideration and evaluation, building my own business was the best opportunity to accomplish these objectives. I simply cannot stop smiling as this business is fulfilling all of my dreams.