The Game of Entrepreneurship

January 19, 2019

Meet Jake Jacoby! He is a successful entrepreneur, a devoted father and one of our mentors at Six Figure Profession. In this interview, we were able to dive into why Jake joined the team and why the freedom of being an entrepreneur is important to him. Read on to learn more about his story!

What is your business background?

I am a serial entrepreneur. I have started and built around 12 companies, all technology based. They have ranged from software development, digital marketing, email filtering, angel investing, fintech, cryptocurrency, and wireless SaaS solutions. I’ve had a few base hits, two home runs, and several strike outs, but that is the risk you take as an entrepreneur. Some days the amount of stress I have to deal with is overwhelming, however it’s the life I’ve chosen to live, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

It sounds like you’ve been very successful with your businesses! Why did you decide to partner with Six Figure Profession?

I was introduced to Six Figure Profession by a friend that I trust and respect. I was able to quickly see the significant residual income that could be created. I believe strongly in having multiple sources of income and diversifying my portfolio. Investing, whether it’s your time or money, in business that generate residual income is one of the best ways to set yourself up for financial success in the future. So, for me it made sense to build a recurring income stream from Six Figure Profession. It is important, however, to remember that this business does require work. It’s still a job, but it can create a massive residual income with the right focus and determination.

Are you still working on other business projects along with your career with Six Figure Profession?

Yes! Currently, I have two businesses outside of my work with Six Figure Profession. I’ve owned and operated a web development & digital marketing agency called WebHomes for over 24 years. I also own and operate a wireless solutions company called MarketSpark. Both companies keep me busy, however they also put me in front of many like minded professionals. Six Figure Profession is a fantastic way for me to share a residual income model with others that are looking for additional income. I love helping others and love seeing the success people I’ve introduced to Six Figure Profession have had.

So, since you have these different businesses you manage, how do you determine which one to put your energy into each day? 

It’s all about time management and efficiency. I’m also a father to four boys and two girls. Making time for my family and businesses is often a balancing act. Balance is the key word here. My professional life as well as my personal life both need attention. Spend too much time on one and not the other and things fall apart. There’s always more to do in a day that is possible to finish. I prioritize my tasks and take care of the highest priorities first. Honestly, I put God first and He always helps me see what I should be focusing on. 

Even with your various businesses, does your life still have the freedom and flexibility entrepreneurs are chasing after?

Absolutely! I love being an entrepreneur and I love being able to make my own choices. I work harder working for myself than I ever have working for someone else. It is a fantastic feeling to wake up every morning and know that you control your own destiny.

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